Unit IV.  Darfur

Sudan, 2004.
Despite a new peace agreement ending 20 years of civil war between the country’s Muslim north and the Christian and Animist south, government-backed militias carry out atrocities against citizens in the western Darfur region, killing thousands and forcing millions into refugee camps. The rebel side has since fragmented, making solutions more difficult.

Darfur refugee camp in Chad, 2005

With clay figures, refugee camp children re-enact an attack by Janjaweed, 2007
One Person's Response

John Dau was once one of Sudan’s “lost boys”, fleeing with other children from his home and family on foot. Hungry and in constant danger from wild animals and Arab militias, the children walked together, caring for each other as best they could. Many perished; Dau survived and was eventually able to go to the United States. He took on a full-time job and attended college, somehow finding time to raise money for people still living in the Sudan. He took part in the documentary God Grew Tired of Us, hoping his story would increase awareness of what has been happening in Africa, and in particular in the Sudan.
Source: National Geographic News: Sudan’s Lost Boys Come of Age
God Grew Tired of Us: Trailer for documentary about Sudan's Lost Boys

Journalist Julie Flint on Darfur
on Now with David Brancaccio

Run Time = 18:18

What would you do if you had to choose between walking away from your home with just what you could carry or staying and facing the dangers of ethnic violence?

In this unit, you’ll learn about the conflicts leading to the humanitarian crisis in Darfur; the international response, including the work of the Red Cross; and the complex interplay of national and international actors in resolving the crisis.

Current History
Response from the International Community
International Red Cross and Red Crescent
Peacekeeping, Criminal Justice, Humanitarian Aid

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