Unit III.  Democratic Republic of the Congo

Roughly 3.8 million people die in a series of conflicts between the country’s corrupt, ineffectual government and armed rebels, as citizens are exploited and national resources are plundered from various outside forces.

Witness showing skull of alleged victim from 2003 militia attacks on civilians in DRC

Former child soldiers making pottery at a youth center in North Kivu, DRC
One Person's Response

In 2003, Amnesty International researchers had reports of children being recruited — in some cases, forced — to become child soldiers.  A woman named Seraphine, a mother from Kavimvira, told Amnesty International:

“When the soldiers came to my house, they said my nine-year-old boy had to join them or I would be killed.  The boy was crying.  I tried to confront them, but they were too strong.  They beat me on the face.” 

Marks from the beating were still visible on her face.
Source: Amnesty International: Children at War

on Wide Angle

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What would you do if members of a militia came to force young members of your family to become soldiers?

In this unit, you’ll learn about the recent governments of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the effects of their failed leadership, and the response from the international community.

Current History
Results of War
Response from the International Community

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