FOUNDATION: Unit VI. International Implementation, Monitoring, and Enforcement 11 of 11

Now What Do You Think?

Now that you’ve completed this unit, how would you answer these questions?

  • Do embargos and trade sanctions work in advancing the values found in human rights treaties?
  • What other ways are there to ensure countries honor the treaties they sign and ratify?

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League of Nations and United Nations Survivors' Stories:
Impact of the "Killing
Fields" on Cambodia
What is Genocide? The US and
the ICC

UN Family Tree What is Torture? Freedom Ratings
Around the World
US and CHR

League of Nations Timeline
League of Nations Photo Archive
League of Nations: History Learning Site
United Nations: History Learning Site
United Nations Official Site
Milestones in United Nations History
UN Human Rights
US Human Rights Record in 1999
Prevent Genocide International
Genocide Convention
Robert H: Jackson Nuremberg Trials Report
Tokyo War Crimes Trials
Japan War Crime Trials
Principal Organs of the UN
Survivor Stories
A Few Good Men Plot Summary
BBC: Legal limbo of Guantánamo’s prisoners
PBS NewsHour: Allegations of Abuse
Wikipedia: Abu Ghraib Torture and Prisoner Abuse
The New Yorker: Torture at Abu Ghraib
HRW: The Road to Abu Ghraib
Iraqi Prisoner Abuse Courts Martial
Convention Against Torture
Freedom House
Freedom in the World Country Ratings
United Nations System of Organization: Definitions United Nations System: Principal Organs Chart
Human Rights Council (formerly Commission on Human Rights)
Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
US: Pentagon Detention Guidelines Entrench Illegality
American Forces Press Service: US Withdraws from International Criminal Court Treaty
Preventing Genocide: 2000 Stockholm International Forum on the Holocaust
Washington College of Law: Human Rights Brief — A Global Court?
MSNBC: Guantánamo detentions ruled unconstitutional

  Module Two. Genocide and
Crimes Against Humanity