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Main Human Rights Treaties

In the last fifty years, the number of international human rights treaties has continued to grow. The US has always had mixed feelings about involvement in international human rights. The US has signed and ratified several treaties. Others have been signed but not ratified.

See the unit on International Human Rights in the Domestic US Context for a discussion of the reasons the US has not ratified some of the following treaties.

Read each treaty’s description and click YES or NO as to whether or not you think it has been ratified by the US. Then click SHOW ME to find out.


Before you read Unit V on the Domestic US Context, what do you think are some reasons why the US has not ratified some of the international human rights treaties?

ICCPR (Civil and Political Rights)
ICESCR (Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights)
CEDAW (Women's Rights)
CRC (Rights of the Child)
Convention Against Torture
CERD (Racial Discrimination)

Genocide Convention
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Apartheid Convention
Child Labor Convention
Migrant Workers Convention
Slavery Convention