FOUNDATION: Unit I. Why Do We Need Human Rights? 6 of 6

Now What Do You Think?

Now that you’ve completed this unit, how would you answer these questions?

  • Are rights truly “inherent” and “what” makes them so, particularly if human rights are “inventions”?
  • How do we balance the notion of “moral rights” in a secular state or in a world where there are “questions” about the universality of “God”? (i.e., my God, your God)
  • How have humans expanded the applicability of human rights to correct “wrongs”?

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Human Rights Gained —
Human Rights Lost
Values, Human Rights,
Civil Rights
Break Down the Preamble
to the Universal Declaration
of Human Rights

Society/Government Relationship
in Human Rights
Cultural Rights v.
Human Rights
Voices of Change:
Hope for the Future through Song

Human Rights Education Handbook, University of Minnesota (lesson plans)
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
What is Globalization?
Glossary of Affirmative Action Terms
Human Rights Developments
Michigan Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act
The Choices Program: Considering the Role of Values in Public Policy
PBS: 100 Days of Slaughter
     (with link to Pres. Clinton's Apology Speech, Kigali, Rwanda, March 25, 1998)
Clinton’s Speech on PBS Frontline
Clinton’s Speech on PBS Online NewsHour
Interview With Iranian Nobel Prize Winner Shirin Ebadi
Amnesty International UK Teaching Resources (must register to access)

  Unit II. What Are Human Rights And
Where Do They Come From?